Our Services

Full Rental Salon

The majority of the salons we sell are Full Rental Salons. The Buyers/Investor like the business model, usually decide to acquire several salons in close proximity to make management easier. Previous Industry experience is not required to run this type of salon. Salons may be operated semi-absentee.

Split, Commision Salon

Our Buyers like the the Split/Commission salons for their high rate of return. Split Commission Salons have a higher net profit margin for the owner. Buyers with previous experience in the industry tend to acquire these salons. This business model requires a full time presence of the owner or a manager at the business.

Blended Salon

This is a very popular business model. You get the best of both worlds. So0me salons use the blended method to provide a ramp up period for their newer hair stylists to build up clientele to ultimately become renters. Depending on the experience level of the owner, management of this type of salon can be semi-absentee.